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Palin and her pregnancy - Hurlo Thrumbo's Menagerie of the Mundane aka the world's least read blog
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Palin and her pregnancy
I talked to my pops about the Palin pick, he's someone who's been ultrasoundist/sonographer for 40 some years, I wanted his take on whether he thought the kid was hers, or her daughter's first kid (I've heard May, I've heard April as the month young Trig was born, April would make it possible for Bristol to be pregnant again, still not very plausible though). Seems that it is her Sarah Palin's kid, but that doesn't make the circumstances around the pregnancy/delivery any wierder, to recap:
-No one knows she's pregnant until the 8th month, that's because she hasn't said, and no one notices, meaning the baby bump was small, meaning possibly that the mother hadn't been ingesting enough to make the baby grow (purely speculative I know)
-Gives a speech in Texas, goes into labor sometime during or after, proceedes to fly to Alaska, in labor, and they drives another couple hours to a small town to have the baby. This is where the rumor about it actually being her kid's baby start, also a 5 month mono infection which knocked her out of school.
-Palin's young son, Trig, has Down's Syndrome. (1 in 30 chance women over 40, 1 in 2000 chance for young women) Palin knew that her son had Down's before he was born.

My dad had no idea about any of these things, because he's been in Britain for the past couple months, and only had heard about the pick. But he said something which makes complete sense, in that parents, and mothers especially, if they know that their child has an illness before they are born, rather than get an abortion, will sometimes not take the utmost care for themselves (and thus their baby) while expecting. They will make decisions that wouldn't do with a "normal" baby, not in the hopes of, but certainly putting the percentages to maybe having a miscarriage, without having the guilt of actually terminating the pregnancy. He knows what he's talking about, I can be sure he's seen signs of it working in poorer, religious parts of northern New Mexico. To me it sounded like "passive-aggressive abortion", which he said was just about right.

To me this is clearly worse than being pro-choice, no matter what side of the debate you fall on, willingly hurting your pre-born baby, as opposed to accepting it or making the decision that you are not ready/don't want to deal with an ill child, is so wrong I can't stand it. Yet Palin, a "Pro-Life Feminist", exhibits behavior, which on the surface, seems to fit what someone would do if they didn't want their kid, but didn't want to actually terminate the pregnancy. Coupled with the fact that has a newborn son, with Down's Syndrome, and is actively running to be Vice-President, taking away from the time and care that kid needs? Has there ever been another candidate that has a child under a year old when they ran? Of course they'd all be men, so not the same, but even then, it seems like it hasn't happened before, it just doesn't seem right.

My guess is, considering all the shit that's come out in the past DAY about her, I'm betting she "steps out" of the nomination, to concentrate on taking care of her son Trig, and care for her pregnant daughter, because the demands of the election are too much. As she has said "that no woman should have to choose between her career, education and her child." this doesn't jive, but considering McCain's team is just now vetting her, don't be surprised if this comes to pass.
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war4l From: war4l Date: September 3rd, 2008 12:24 am (UTC) (stay up)
sabotaging your baby 'cos you can't bear to actually go through with an abortion? i'm trying mighty hard to keep my shit together with this woman...
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