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Hurlo Thrumbo's Menagerie of the Mundane aka the world's least read blog

Preserving morsels of wit from the forces of cleanliness and philistinism

Hurlo Thrumbo
24 April
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"you look at somebody, really look at them, you might see 50% of who they are....and wanting to know the rest, that's what destroys everything."

He was deeply learned, without possessing useful knowledge, sagacious in many individual cases, without having real wisdom...he was fond of his dignity, while he was perpetually degrading it by undue familiarity; capable of much public labour, yet often neglecting it for the mearest amusement; a wit, though a pedant; and a scholar, though fond of the conversation of the ignorant and uneducated...he was laborious in trifles, and a trifler where serious labour was required; devout in his sentiments, and yet too often profane in his language...." -Sir Walter Scott speaking on King James I

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