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Hurlo Thrumbo's Menagerie of the Mundane aka the world's least read blog
Preserving morsels of wit from the forces of cleanliness and philistinism

not exaaaaaaaaaactly done, but getting the can't-work-on-this-anymore itch.

feels good though. this one seems like big steps of sorts, even if it is mostly taken directly from reference.

2 ^ get up
Working on a new piece, based off of Pulp Fiction for submission to G1998s "Crazy 4 Cult" show. I already mentioned it here, but I'm a masochist and wanted to try and get another piece in for submission (get it? I'm a masochist and I'm submitting....hahaha, nevermind). Originally I had another idea to do a piece based on Death of Marat for the movie Heathers, but while I was figuring out the drawing, this idea popped into my head and just kind of had to get out now ya know? maybe next year for the Heathers piece, none of the kids I go to school with have even seen it, which to me is REALLY depressing. anywho, this one is a split screen of Uma and Samuel L. enjoying their respective drinks, I'm just finishing up the Uma part now.

I've really been into inks since the beginning of the year. Admittedly, this one probably begs to be done in oils, but according to Jensen, he didn't want to say I'd be in the show because Death Race 2000 isn't known well enough and I'm trying to establish a certain style, at least as far as this sort of thing goes. That being said, inks have been all I've been working in for the past 6 months, and I'm liking what I'm getting. I'm still in the process of getting the hang of how I want to use them, but I think I'm getting more and more comfortable with them as I'm going along. Here's where i started:

The thing about inks for me is that like watercolors, you have to build from the ground (the lightest shade) up. As I've had a lot of trouble with contrast, but not necessarily color, this means I can just keep going until it's right, and not have to change everything, unlike oils. Also it's a challenge each time, as one of my teachers JT says "Watercolors are for real men only", which in a sense is true, you have to go with what you get, you can't really go back. Now I'm not doing watercolors, if only because they're a little precious for me, and they never get the impact and deep colors. But as Dali notes in his book "50 Secrets of Magic Craftsmanship", art students used to start out only in watercolors, and only if they were able to make those work could they move on to other mediums.

But like acrylics, there is some measure of being able to go a little bit more opaque. I'm using FW inks, which are officially liquid acrylic, so there is the oppurtunity to "correct" mistakes, but not much, it's a fine line, as you can see in the Uma piece, that shadow on the wrist is pretty messed, partly from trying to correct going too dark too early. But there was a darker shade above the left side of the lip that I was able to fix. Unlike acrylics though, there's an element of chaos inherent in working with inks and watercolors, when trying to blend, which doesn't work in acrylics. There's really no randomness with acrylics, which makes some incredible awesome and detailed paintings, but I want to random, givs it a little more life I think. When I work in acrylics, everything feels to seperate, which I was attracted to oils for a time.

ultimately though, I'm looking for a controlled chaos, like here:

that was last summer, done in illustrator. Leave it to a computer program, based on mathematics and vectors to give me the most random and chaotic results yet. I'm looking to get somewhere there with inks, but I haven't let go enough to get there quite yet.

so yeah, that's where I'm going.

oh, and here's the finished piece for the Eliot Spitzer painting I mentioned last time

if you look closely, you can see 3 butts, 11 boobs, 2 vaginas, and what looks like a baby giving cunnilingus. enjoy.

also, ever since watching the Karate Kid a couple days ago I've had "Cruel Summer" stuck in my head, along with Joe Esposito's "You're the best" (now stuck in my head), The KK had one of the most bangin' soundtracks around, at last by 80's standards. Now I'm gonna go watch Karate Kid and paint.
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normally i don't do this, cause i don't like taking the time out, but since this is probably the strangest/derangest piece I've done in awhile (i really hate calling artwork "pieces", is there anything more pretentious sounding?) i figured I'd show a little process. haven't started on the actual inking yet, but right now there's going to be very little color, so it's pretty close to done.

Editorial on Eliot Spitzer's downfall:

final comped caricature------>shade----->he keeps getting eviler looking eh? i call this orgyface (click for larger)

i realize in the final drawing his forehead is slightly star trekian (ferengi is it?), but really, look at his real forehead, the guy is a freaky looking dude, i'm really not surprised he was paying 5 G's for an average looking girl with a huge rack. and just to emphasize/hammer/be stupid blunt about it, the collar of the shirt is checks, and his tie is a NY symbol. Just imagine it with color, go ahead, it's gonna be awesome.

now if only i can get a magazine to pick it up as an editorial illustration, you think newsweek will run this in their pages?

EDIT: wow, maybe I'm slow and haven't been here in a while, but LJ is putting snap previews on all outgoing links, that's kinda badass, but now i can't goatse you all, damn. Also, I've had to explain to at least 10 people this year what goatse is without visual aids, either that's really sad or really good. Seacrest OUT!
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I just posted a bunch of recent work at my myspace, I'm lazy and not going to be bothered to post images elsewhere, so I'll just link here if you want to go check it out, at least until I update my website again.

I recieved my copy of New Masters of Poster Design, ah god, I love this book, you should totally look inside. Now this type of design is something I'm totally into, but the rest of it makes me want to bite someone's head off. I'm an illustrator with design mentalities or the other way around, some fucking thing, but damn, i could be with it, totally. It's my new favorite art book, or at least right up there with the art of Miyazaki books I've been collecting lately.

Also I'm geeking out hard on baseball this year, that is the new news.

back to the grind, only a couple more weeks to go...
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This is the officially licensed list from G1988 of "acceptable" cult movies. Acceptable to them means an illustration based of a cult movie that is not fan art that can be sold (to whom? Given last years show, most likely some actors/directors, along with the majority, being comprised of mostly young men, who work in the computer or something other "geeky" industry, who have entirely too much disposable income). to wit:

Big Lebowski
Repo Man
Office Space
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Spinal Tap
Todd Browning's Freaks
Blood Simple
The Hudsucker Proxy
Boondock Saints
Pulp Fiction
The Professional
Point Break
John Carpenter's The Thing
El Mariachi
Harold and Maude
Pink Flamingos
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Plan 9 From Outer Space (Anything Ed Wood)
The Warriors
Dazed and Confused
Evil Dead 1 & 2
Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
Edward Scissorhands
Toxic Avenger
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Dawn of the Dead
The Wiz
Night of the Living Dead
They Live
Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai
Donnie Darko
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
Month Python and the Holy Grail
Clockwork Orange
Mommie Dearest
Princess Bride
Valley of the Dolls
Better off Dead
Nuke 'Em High
Wet Hot American Summer
Escape from New York
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Blue Velvet
Reservoir Dogs
My Own Private Idaho
Reefer Madness
Napoleon Dynamite
Godzilla series
The Fearless Vampire Killers
The Bad Seed
Mulholland Drive
Amazon Women on the Moon
Kentucky Fried Movie
Strange Brew
Ed Wood
Army of Darkness
Cable Guy
Half Baked
Fight Club
Wizard of Oz
Battle Royale

here's mine, from the movie Death Race 2000, done in liquid inks:

Death Race was on the list last year, but didn't sell.
what makes a cult movie? I think Wikipedia defines it as "any movie that is more popular now than it was when it was released." Last year's show featured several Star Wars pieces. While Star Wars was immensely popular during it's initial run, it definitely has grown a cult following and is much more popular now than when it was released. A buddy of mine also submitted a piece based on the movie "Sideways", which isn't so much a cult movie, but I believe there is a cult of wine enthusiasts. Jensen's (polite) reasoning was that Sideways wasn't really a cult, but also, it was popular, it got an oscar nomination or two. So did Pulp Fiction, which I'm not sure has increased in popularity, but it is iconic. And I think that applies to many of the movies on the list. Spoofable movies if you will. Among others I consider "wierd" choices: Friday, Hudsucker Proxy (love the movie, is it cult?), Anything Ed Wood (is anything else really recognizable?), KIDS (cult of KIDS scares me, but certainly iconic), the Wiz, Valley of the Dolls (unless it's Beyond...), Cable Guy, And the Wizard of Oz.

Here's my list of what's been left off and probably deserving of somewhat cult status: Bad Lieutenant, Starship Troopers, Coffy, Superfly, I'm Gonna Git You Sucka, Bubba Ho-tep, Pootie Tang (heh.), Anything by Jim Jarmusch, The Fifth Element, Ghost in the Shell, Akira, True Romance, The Usual Suspects, The Road Warrior, Shaun of the Dead (admittedly on the list last year), Memento, Most anything by Terry Gilliam, Kill Bill...many many more. This doesn't include movies with cult seeking ambitions in mind, like : Shoot Em Up, Doomsday, The Nines to name a few.

And then there's the cult of huge blockbuster movies, which were panned by critics, made tons of money and have kind of been forgotten since. This movies are highly watchable, and now that they've fallen out of rotation of TBS, HBO, etc, are prime cult status (at least in the iconic, ironic sense), really:
Anything until the Last Action Hero by Ahnuld (Total Recall, The Running Man, Commando, what?!?), Demolition Man, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Early Spike Lee movies, Bloodsport, Anything by John Hughes, probably more. These most likely wouldn't sell in a gallery setting, only to the most jaded of hipsters, but these are worthy, I'm telling you.
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